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Motto of PRINTCHEM is Quality Control and Customer Satisfaction.
We help organisations in challenges of protecting their surfaces and elegance of the original products, with the various temporary surface protection coating.
“ECO_FRIENDLY” is the Way of life today. We have amazing products in Water Based Peelable Coatings First Time in India, which have some special applications and this product has won high regards and acceptance in the top level corporate companies. Our Water Based Peelable Coatings have a wider application on different type of surfaces which was limited in solvent based coatings.
Being an innovative manufacturer from a very early stage we have launched many new products in the water based peelable coating series with surface specific applications / requirements.
We have an In-house R&D division for new developments and constant up-gradation of the products. We also undertake R&D work of different Companies in developing new Products, Consultation in Projects, Products, Planning etc. You name your Requirement & we have a Solution to it ! !
We have to our credit - Planning and Commissioning an “Offset - P.S. Plate making plant” in Nairobi, Kenya.
State-of-the-art facilities for R&D of new ECO-friendly processes, product development and introduction of innovative practices have given more confidence not only to us but all the clients wishing to update their processes & profits.