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Q.1: What is the Shelf Life of your products?

A.1:  Our technical data sheets states shelf life of Peelable coatings as 6 months from date of manufacture. However there are instances where our product is usable even up to one year, if stored in proper conditions (Store in a Cool Dry Place Away from Sunlight). Ensure all opened drums are resealed properly when not in use.

Q.2: Instead of standard thick liquid, when we pour out the liquid of the Carbouy / Drum, sometimes 1st a thin liquid type layer is observed followed by a very thick liquid pouring out?
A.2: When we observe this type of situation, please don’t worry, the coating is good in nature to be used. This happens because the container was kept in an upright position for a very long time. Just make sure, Always “SHAKE WELL THE CONTAINER BEFORE USE” and the coating is ready to use.
Q.3: Sometimes after 6 to 9 months, the dry film is difficult to peel, does it become permanent?
A.3: This may happen if the Dry Film Thickness is very Less or Due to harsh weather conditions sometimes the peelable film becomes, overdried, it can be easily stripped away by hand when required or by pressure washing with a water stream. Alternatively you can moisten (wetting) the dry film twice or thrice with wet cloth / sponge, wait for 5 – 10 minutes then peel-off the film with ease. For maximum protection & easy film removals, we recommend a minimum 100 to 120 micron DFT.
Q.4: What accessories can be used in the application of peelable coatings?
A.4: We can use a normal spray gun, airless spray gun, paint sponge roller or lamb’s wool roller, paintbrush.
Q.5: How to clean, the accessories used (like roller, brushes, etc.) in the application of peelable coatings?
A.5: As our Peelable Coating products are water based. Hence, all spray equipment’s, brushes or rollers should be washed with plain tap water immediately after use, DO NOT USE any solvents / thinners or other cleaning liquids.
Q.6: Why is it taking too long to dry after applying the coating?
A.6: From the time of application of peelable coating, approximate drying time is 15 to 30 minutes depending on thickness of coating (WFT) & ambient temperature. However if you have applied a very thick coat and the wet film thickness is very high then the coating’s drying time will increase to one hour or more. Cured Film can be peeled off after 12 to 24 Hrs. depending on ambient temperature.
Q.7: Can you supply the material in 40 kilogram packaging?
A.7: Our standard packing sizes are 32 Kgs Carbuoys & 50 Kgs Drum.
On a certain large quantity orders (MOQ) we can provide packing sizes of 5, 10, 18, 32, 50 Kgs Only, with a nominal increment in per kg packaging cost.
Q.8: What is the Standard Colour tone of our liquid coatings?
A.8: Our products standard colour tone in liquid state is translucent blue and green.
Q.9: What other colour tone are available in liquid coating state?
A.9: We can produce colour tone like; clear (very pale yellow), blue, green, orange, red, platinum grey, etc… and many more. However we can produce customized colour tone according to requirement of customer, subject to MOQ only. Custom Made Colours can be achieved by customer by adding of water miscible Universal Stainers to our clear (very pale yellow) coating to achieve Desired colours.
Q.10: Can we use peelable coatings as a maskant for paint over-spray from different nature of colours?
A.10: All our Peelable Coatings can be used as Maskant, against over-spray of epoxy, p.u., solvent, water based colours.
Q.11: Do we need to do any SURFACE PREPARATION prior to apply the coating?
A.11: If possible please ensure all surfaces are clean, dry and free from oil, wax and grease.
Q.12: Can the coating be applied on any surface?
A.12: It is important that the peelable coating is thoroughly tested on your specific surface and evaluated by the customer.
Q.13: For RUST Prevention can we use two coats of Easipeel 601 B?
A.13: No, we recommend apply a coat of "Easipeel 601 B" followed by second coat of "Easipeel 221 B" contact us for a detailed explanation.
Q.14: Do you need to dilute the material before application?
A.14: "NO", The material is supplied in Ready-to-Use state, Do Not Add any diluent to the material. Shake Well Before Use. But if in EXTREME Cold Temperature the material may slightly thicken. Then in such cases just add de-mineralised water in a proportion of 10 ml to every Kg of Material. Mix Well and Use Directly.
Q.15: Can Peelable coating be applied in any weather conditions?
A.15: It should not be applied on the wet surface or below freezing temperature.
Q.16: While in storage / transit; If Peelable coating freezes up to a non-flowable liquid in extreme cold temperatures, then what happens?
A.16: If Peelable coating freezes, before using, Just let the material THAW to Room Temperature (25oC). Shake well thoroughly and use it directly.
Q.17: How much Free liquid sample is provided to a customer inquiry?
A.17: Printchem (coatNpeel) will provide a free sample of 250 grams once, if the customer needs more quantity sample for trials, the samples are provided on chargeable basis.

MOQ – Minimum Order Quantity.
WFT – Wet Film Thickness.
DFT – Dry Film Thickness.
Coverage per kg per sq. ft. is given Approximate (+/- 10 %)
The above recommendations are made in good faith for the guidance of our users and are without liability.

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