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About Us

PRINTCHEM is a Leader in Specialized COATING solutions since 1984 for a wide variety of applications on different type of surfaces. We have a range of products in Peelable & Permanent coatings in the span of more than 28 years.
The Person behind this organisation, Mr. C.B. Patel (CEO), is an experienced professional in the field of High Performance Coatings for more than 32 years. He is a legendry personality & his passion for innovation extends beyond the ordinary! His adroit edifices have left no room for doubt. Who would have imagined that a Masters in Biochemistry would one day shake the roots of a conventional product formulator and carve a niche for a range of Speciality formulations that spawned PRINTCHEM as one of world’s top and India’s pioneer manufacturers among the Water Based Strippable / Peelable / Removable Coatings.
Generally people bear huge expenditures in beautifying the houses/ apartments. Inspiteof spending sizeable amount of money and efforts in cleaning, finishing & protecting the surfaces; the original surface look is hard to protect and maintain as NEW. The Industrial houses also have many challenges in surface protection against rusting, welding splatters, contamination, scratches etc. This challenges lead to the use of our WATER BASED PEELABLE / STRIPPABLE / REMOVABLE  - TEMPORARY PROTECTIVE COATINGS.
The Company started with the manufacturing of Solvent Based Peelable Coatings. With the Industrial Revolution, there was a strong prerequisite of Eco-friendly coatings. To avoid the adverse effects of the solvents on the human health & our mother nature, in 1998 we as an Asian manufacturer introduced WATER BASED PEELABLE COATING SERIES for the first time in INDIA.
This created a major changeover from the Solvent based Systems to the Water based Systems to prevent the adverse effects of Solvents on nature and human health.